Capture Light

by John Holden

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TEARS FROM THE SUN Prayer Oh Father, protect us Show us your mercy Guide us safe to the shores Of all our hopes and dreams We set sail with hope and promise We set sail at his command Tides and courage drive us onward Searching for the golden land Warming smiles greet our arrival Curious strangers from afar Banners blaze with lions and angels You can’t fight history Who you are Chorus Pray for the ones that you’re leaving behind For the treasures you’re hoping to find New worlds Dream of the stories yet to be told As we march for the cities of gold Tears from the Sun Conquistadors, Santa Maria Peoples kneel in our domain Replace your gods now with the true one In golden cities Ghosts remain Chorus We set sail with hope and promise We set sail with joyous song Steering by a broken compass With no sense of Right or wrong
Crimson Sky 05:53
CRIMSON SKY A still voice in a turning world The rising of the tide A full moon in a tortured sky Soon you must decide Chorus Touch the Crimson Sky Feel the reason why It burns of true emotion Kill the ghosts inside They have always lied While words remain unspoken Walk through cold remembered gates Devotion lies inside Choose now by the waterfall Memories cast aside Chorus Dreams become so real You begin to feel Furnace of desire Burns you in the fire Chorus
CAPTURE LIGHT My home, Venice, 1534 Painting like no one else before Creator, Unequalled, Palaces adorned Colours dance to my revealing score Jacopo sit with me Listen to what I tell you Look to the world of wonders Learn all that I show to you Let your eyes see the truth Search for the soul inside you Reach for the skies above you Then boy you will capture life Constant creation beauty without joy Candles burn this darkness will destroy Endless preaching killing all my dreams Hope in chains nothing as it seems Master it is time to leave Free to live my own life See the world of wonders That you always showed to me Let your eyes see my work Search for the truth inside you I reach for the skies as you do Chase my dream to capture light My home, Venice, 1592 Memories disturb my attitude He cursed me, So long, forced to work for free I made my stand in bitter rivalry Tiziano hear me now I needed to live my own life Live in the world of wonders That you always promised me Did your heart feel my pain? You were the one who left me I reach for the light and still do Chasing dreams to capture light In the light, in the light In Paradise
ANCIENT OF DAYS The past has gone, let it go Live in the moment, as the rivers flow The sun will climb across an endless sky True deliverance no question why Pre Chorus Cross the bridges Choose a path on the hidden track On the journey to intuition No turning back Chorus Speak to the mountain, Talk to the forest Starlight and sunlight leading the way Call to the valley, Sing to the heavens The ancient of days Waiting watching treasures to find Curious travellers of a single mind Times have come when dreams amaze Clearer vision of the ancient days Pre Chorus Chorus The sun will climb across the sky… ancient of Days Waiting watching treasures to find Curious traveller of a single mind Waiting watching treasures to find ancient of Days Waiting watching treasures to find Curious travellers of a single mind Times have come when dreams amaze Clearer vision of the ancient days Chorus
One Race 06:11
ONE RACE Watching all the flags that fly Against an ever darkening sky Waiting calm before the storm Hidden cries, a false golden dawn Run for the line Run for your life Hearing the noise the crowd A people’s hope a nation proud Emotion in disguise Can hope defeat the lies? It is here, it is time, it is now I start one race How did I get here so far from home This boy from Ohio standing alone So many people want me to fail Even my family question my faith A world is waiting one race to be won Now I am ready Wait for the….Gun Now back home the gold turns rust A president dictates mistrust One chance is all you need In good we must believe It is here, it is time, it is now Can we be one race?
NO MAN’S LAND Now a sleeping city Glow of night beneath an opal moon And distant sirens calling Near to the far side Strangers dance a cold staccato beat And life is just like quicksand In no man’s land Chorus As the snow melts high on the mountain Water turns to spring Stream becomes a life giving fountain Songs of youth to sing As the river flows to the ocean Sea returns to rain And the tears fall onto the mountain To begin again Look around the city Take the subway to paradise The people living in the shadows Wait the light is dawning Now I think I understand It’s time to rejoin the river This is no man’s land Chorus
SEAGLASS HEARTS Castaway dreams in a world passing by Torn and adrift two lost souls asking why? Empty eyes no answer you walked out the door Storm-beaten broken washed up on the shore The tides are changing now Carry, Carry us home Blue Hearts of glass Edges smoothed by the sea Fair winds and fortune they Brought you to me And of course you know I loved you Right from the start Stay close to me and our two Seaglass Hearts The tides are changing now Carry, Carry us home One call one answer Two hearts together Free and forgiving Forever in this light Let me put my arms around you Let this perfect Love surround us Sharing in this life, this lifetime Forever in this light In sieme Per sempre



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Debut Album from Composer and Multi-Instrumentalist.

"Really enjoyed the CD - well produced, lovely musicianship and vocals. Wishing you luck with this album" - Steve Hackett


released March 16, 2018

Music John Holden
Lyrics John Holden & Elizabeth Buckley

John Holden - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
Marc Atkinson - Vocals (track 4*)
Lee-Anne Beecher - Vocals (track 4*)
Oliver Day - Guitars, Lute, Mandolin (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8)
Emily Dolan Davies - Drums (tracks 2, 4, 5, 8)
Julie Gater - Vocals (tracks 2, 4*, 6*, 7, 8)
Peter Jones - Vocals, Sax, Flute (tracks 6*, 8)
Gary O’Toole - Drums & Vocals (track 7*)
Jean Pageau - Vocals (track 4)
Joe Payne - Vocals (tracks 1, 3, 5)
Max Read - Vocals (track 5*)
Billy Sherwood - Guitar solo (track 2), Bass (track 6)
Oliver Wakeman - Piano & Keyboards (tracks 1, 3, 7)

Backing vocals (*)

Many Thanks to Rob Aubrey and Robin Armstrong for “sound advice”.

Recorded and Produced by John Holden
Mastered by Robin Armstrong


all rights reserved



John Holden UK

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